aeroGAIN-BASE high power ytterbium fiber gain modules

The aeroGAIN-BASE family consists of high performance ytterbium fiber gain modules designed for industrial manufacturers of ultrafast pulsed fiber lasers. At the same time, it also serves as an easy entry into high power scientific setups.

All modules are equipped with an optional 10 or 15 µm step-index single-mode fiber input that can easily be spliced to a seed source. The gain medium is our industry-leading DC-200/40-PZ-Yb fiber providing the largest single mode MFD in the industry.

The gain fiber is heatsunk to the aluminum base plate that can be clamped to e.g. a water chilled plate or an air-cooled heat sink. The output end of the module is equipped with a large AR-coated endcap that provides mode expansion and reduces reflections. Excess pump light is effectively removed by the integrated residual pump dump.

The high pointing stability and low nonlinearity enable a really flexible and versatile laser architecture where the same aeroGAIN-BASE module can be used for amplification of fs-, ps- and ns pulses, with high-frequency conversion efficiency whenever needed.

For optimal performance, the aeroGAIN-BASE modules are designed for counter-propagating pumping through the output end-cap. The end-cap and the last part of the gain fiber are mounted in a water-cooled housing (aeroGAIN-BASE-1.1 and 1.2) to ensure maximum performance and lifetime.


  • ­Truly single-mode polarized system
  • ­High power with low nonlinearity
  • Excellent pointing stability
  • ­Robust Industrial construction
  • 10 or 15 µm step-index fiber input
  • ­Easy thermal management
  • ­Long proven lifetime


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Model Yb Fiber Length Rated output power Recommended signal wavelength
aeroGAIN-BASE-1.1 3.0m 3.0 m 75 W 1060-1070 nm
aeroGAIN-BASE-1.2 1.8m 1.8 m 75 W 1030-1040 nm
aeroGAIN-BASE-1.3 1.8m 1.8 m 30 W 1030-1040 nm

aeroGAIN BASE 1.1 diagram


Seed input
Signal wavelength aeroGAIN-BASE-1.1: 1060 – 1070 nm
aeroGAIN-BASE-1.2 and -1.3: 1030-1040 nm
Recommended signal input power > 500 mW for high power operation
Recommended pulse duration fs, ps or ns pulses
Signal input fiber Optional:
10 µm PM core fiber 125 µm / 250 µm
15 µm PM core fiber 250 µm / 350 µm
Signal Output
Max signal gain < 20 dB (max 75W out)
Rated output power aeroGAIN-BASE-1.1 and -1.2: 75W
aeroGAIN-BASE-1.3: 30W
M2 ≤ 1.3
Mode field diameter 31 ± 2 µm
PER ≥ 15 dB
Typical optical efficiency* > 70 %
Typical core to clad power ratio* > 96 %
Pump Input
Pump center wavelength 976 ± 2 nm
Maximum pump power Pp 100 W @ fiber facet
Recommended pump NA ≤ 0.22 (max NA < 0.55)
Recommended pump type Fiber delivered 200/0.22 (max NA<0.55)
Pump cladding diameter 200 ± 2 µm

* Evaluated with 2 W input power at 1064 nm and 75 W output power


Base plate dimensions (HxBxW)* See drawing
Weight 1.8 kg (without tooling plate)
Length of input pigtail 1 m
Output end facet angle 0 degree
Endcap length / diameter 6 mm / 7 mm** - AR coated

* The system is shipped on a larger tooling plate that can also be used for mounting the module during test
** Open aperture

Water cooling

(aeroGAIN-BASE-1.1 and -1.2 only)

Cooling flow for the base 4 ± 2 liter/minute
Cooling flow in the tube 0.2 - 0.5 liter/minute
Cooling water temperature 25 ± 5°C
Max temperature of base-plate 35 °C


All modules are assembled and tested in cleanrooms. The aeroGAIN-BASE-1.1 and -1.2 come mounted on a tooling plate to ensure the endcap is clean. This tooling plate can also be used as a mount in the laboratory.

The aeroGAIN-BASE design has proven its industrial 24/7 reliability through a significant number of long-term tests including continuous 25,000 hours operation at 55 W output power. Lifetime in specific OEM systems depends on pump power, pump wavelength, cooling efficiency, etc. Get in touch for supporting system design.