Optical fibers are at the heart of everything we do. We embed as many functions as possible directly into the fibers to make systems based on our fibers simpler, cheaper, and more reliable.

Our Crystal Fibre portfolio spans from nonlinear fibers for octave-spanning supercontinuum generation, over the World’s largest single-mode ytterbium gain fibers for high power lasers and amplifiers, to advanced hollow-core fibers guiding the light in air.

Get our single-mode LMA fibers as fibers or patch cords with standard termination in our aeroGUIDE product range.

Our ytterbium-doped double-clad fibers offer the largest single-mode cores in the world, enabling amplification to unprecedented power levels while keeping mode quality and stability. Get it as fiber or in a gain module.

aeroGAIN-ROD high power ytterbium rod fiber gain modules

The aeroGAIN-ROD module is the ultimate in fiber amplification for pulsed lasers with a power handling previously only available in solid-state configurations. With a 3300 µm2 mode field area and high pump absorption, the aeroGAIN-ROD module offers up to ten times the performance of our aeroGAIN-FLEX and -BASE models. Read more

aeroGUIDE broadband single mode patch cords

The line of aeroGUIDE PCF patch cords includes some of our most popular fibers used for transport and delivery. These fibers offer performance beyond conventional fibers, with broadband single-mode operation, large mode area for high power handling and low nonlinearities, superior beam quality, low loss, and polarization-maintaining features.  The fiber ends are sealed and connectorized, offering a hermetic and robust interface. Read more

Ytterbium doped double clad fibers

Our ytterbium doped double clad fibers offers the largest single-mode cores in the world enabling amplification to unprecedented power levels while keeping mode quality and stability. Read more

Nonlinear photonic crystal fibers

Optimized for supercontinuum generation and nonlinear wavelength conversion, our nonlinear photonic crystal fibers offers a unique combination of tailored dispersion profile and a very high nonlinear coefficient.  Read more

Large mode area photonic crystal fibers

The selection of Crystal Fiber Large Mode Area fibers covers a range of fibers for diffraction-limited high power delivery. The large mode area enables high power levels without nonlinear effects or material damage. Read more

Hollow core photonic crystal fibers

Hollow-core photonic bandgap fibers use a microstructured cladding region with air holes to guide light in a hollow core. The photonic bandgap guiding mechanism is fundamentally different from the traditional total internal reflection guiding principle. This new technology provides the basis for high-power delivery without non-linear effects or material damage. Read more