Koheras single-frequency lasers are longitudinally single-mode and offer extremely low phase- and intensity noise levels. Available in the Erbium or Ytterbium wavelength ranges, the all-fiber DFB design ensures robust and reliable operation for thousands of hours.

They are extremely stable and mode-hop free – even under changing environmental conditions. Furthermore, we can deliver shot-noise limited lasers for applications demanding extra low-intensity noise.

Find the right laser for you

Our Koheras single-frequency Erbium and Ytterbium fiber lasers come in three fundamental configurations: OEM fiber lasers, a modular line card system and a desktop fiber laser range. Choose the format that suit you best - they all offer performance that rival or surpass big scientific lasers, but in a compact and industrial package with market leading reliability.

Koheras ACOUSTIK multi channel single-frequency fiber laser

OEM lasers

Choose the Koheras MIKRO lasers, if you need compact and robust industrial fiber lasers designed for OEM integration. Ideal for sensing applications like DAS, vibrometry or wind LIDAR.

Line card systems

The modular Koheras ACOUSTIK system allows you to mix and match BASIK lasers and BOOSTIK amplifier line cards to create the fiber laser you need. Get up to 16 lines in one system.

Desktop systems

Looking for high power or frequency conversion? Or just a desktop format with an easy interface? The ADJUSTIK, BOOSTIK HP and HARMONIK are for you.

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Koheras MIKRO single-frequency OEM lasers

The Koheras BASIK MIKRO is the smallest industrial single frequency fiber laser on the market. Designed for OEM integration in industrial sensing systems like DAS and vibrometry, it features unrivaled reliability and a robust design. The module includes fully integrated laser control electronics and continuous monitoring of the laser performance. Based on a truly single mode DFB fiber laser architecture, it offers ultra stable performance free of mode-hops.
With thousands of lasers installed in DAS systems worldwide, the Koheras MIKRO sets the standard for performance and reliability in high performance sensing applications. Read more

Koheras ACOUSTIK multi channel single-frequency fiber laser

Koheras ACOUSTIK modular fiber laser

Koheras ACOUSTIK provides rack integration of up to 16 Koheras BASIK single frequency low noise fiber lasers and two matching BOOSTIK line card amplifiers. The ACOUSTIK provides power and control to all modules for easy integration and channels can be added or changed as needed. Mix and match wavelengths in the 1 and 1.5 µm range to suit your application and upgrade to more channels when you need them. Read more

Koheras BASIK single-frequency line card lasers

The Koheras BASIK single-frequency fiber lasers are the pinnacle of industrial low noise Erbium and Ytterbium lasers. The lasers have ultra-low phase noise and Hz-range linewidth normally only found in costly scientific systems. Based on a truly single-mode DFB fiber laser architecture, they offer ultra-stable performance free of mode-hops, and with unrivaled reliability. Read more

Koheras BOOSTIK amplifier line card

The Koheras BOOSTIK is a compact fiber amplifier module designed for our low-noise, narrow-linewidth Koheras seed lasers and is available for the 1.5-micron wavelength range. The amplifier module is designed as a line card for the Koheras ACOUSTIK multi-wavelength system which also supports the Koheras BASIK seed lasers. Read more

Koheras ADJUSTIK single-frequency lasers

The Koheras ADJUSTIK is a rack-mountable benchtop single-frequency DFB fiber laser. Based on our renowned BASIK modules, the ADJUSTIK is the pinnacle of industrial low noise lasers featuring ultra-low phase noise and Hz-range linewidth normally only found in costly scientific systems.
Standard systems are available at 1550.12 nm and 1064.00 nm and we offer special systems anywhere in the 1535–1580 nm and 1030–1120 nm ranges. Depending on the model, output powers are 10-40 mW. If higher powers are needed, choose the ADJUSTIK HP that delivers up to 2 W output power. Read more