Category: News from our Lasers & Fiber customers and partners

Come say hello at OPIE ’21 starting on June 30

Meet our partners at the OPTICS & PHOTONICS International Exhibition. Our partners will present our ultrafast lasers, supercontinuum white light lasers, and single-frequency lasers. The show runs from June 30 to July 2 in Pacifico Yokohama, Japan. Read more

Supercontinuum lasers fight invisible pollution

Outdoor air pollution caused over 4 million premature deaths in 2016. Every day, we breathe small particles and gasses that can cause strokes, cardiovascular diseases, and lung cancer. To fight air pollution, we must know what to fight – and where. Read more

Supercontinuum lasers help understand and predict the weather

In recent years, the existence of large-scale and long-living convection patterns was reported. Such superstructures dominate the global heat and mass transport and can cause extreme fluctuations in the flow. Do superstructures aid and abet extreme weather events? This is still poorly understood. Read more