Measuring microvascular sO2 using visible light OCT

Researchers from Northwestern University have used the SuperK EXTREME supercontinuum laser to demonstrate a method to measure microvascular sO2 and simultaneously provide three-dimensional anatomical tissue morphology using visible light optical coherence tomography. The SuperK was used as a broadband source for the Fourier domain OCT setup enabling transverse and axial resolutions of 7 μm and 1.3 μm, respectively.

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Ji Yi, Siyu Chen, Vadim Backman, and Hao F. Zhang, “In vivo functional microangiography by visible-light optical coherence tomography,” Biomed. Opt. Express 5, 3603-3612 (2014).

 Ji Yi,1 Siyu Chen,1 Vadim Backman,1 and Hao F. Zhang1,2,*