Characterization of plasmonic structures and metamaterials

At professor Alexandra Boltassevas group at BIRCK nanotechnology center at Purdue University they are working on a number of areas within plasmonics and metamaterials in which they use the SuperK EXTREME supercontinuum laser for characterization.

  • Alternative Plasmonic Materials
  • Dynamic Plasmonics with Graphene
  • Integrated Plasmonic Devices with Alternative Materials
  • Nonlinear Optical Properties of Alternative Plasmonic Materials
  • Transparent Cconductive Ooxides (TCOs) for Metasurface and Epsilon-Nnear-Zzero (ENZ) Aapplications
  • Hybrid Electro-Plasmonic Tweezers
  • Glancing Angle Deposition
AlexandraBoltasseva“The SuperK is a great source for characterization of plasmonic structures and optical metamaterials. It is very broad-band and suitable for characterization both in the visible and near infrared ranges, high power (which is very important for characterization of lossy plasmonic structures), very stable, flexible and easy to use.”

Prof. Alexandra Boltasseva
Birck Nanotechnology Center, Purdue University