Characterization of graphene-based photodetectors

At the quantum nano-optoelectronics group of Frank Koppens at ICFO they focus on the fundamental nano-optoelectronic properties of graphene and 2D materials. The aim is to reveal new physical (quantum) phenomena related to strong interactions between light and matter, and to develop new applications for sensing, photodetection and nano-scale light processing and switching. One of the specific topics the group is exploring is the development of the potentially far-reaching field of nano-photonics of novel 2d materials and heterostructures of these.

Frank Koppens“We use the SuperK for measuring photodetectors based on graphene and 2d materials. Because it’s broadband and it’s very easy to select a single or multiple wavelengths, it’s perfect for our work. In addition, the SuperK is very stable and reliable; it has never broken down in 4 years.”

Dr. Frank Koppens, ICFO- The Institute of Photonic Sciences