Supercontinuum solar spectrum simulation

Programmable Supercontinuum Solar Spectrum Simulator

Tasshi Dennis and collaborators at NIST and NREL in Boulder, CO have developed a powerful new research tool to arbitrarily shape the spectral output of a SuperK supercontinuum laser. This tool allows the user to request an arbitrary spectrum, like a AM 1.5 solar reference spectrum, or a flat or Gaussian shaped spectrum, via computer control. Read more

Spectroscopic study of how light magnetizes plasmonic nanoclusters

Recent breakthroughs in several scientific disciplines working together (electromagnetic theory, nanofabrication, chemistry, physico-chemistry, optics) have enabled critical steps towards new materials with extraordinary optical properties. The Metamaterials Group at CRPP, Bordeaux, have studied “plasmonic raspberries” produced by ICMCB colleagues, using a static light scattering set-up based on an NKT Photonics supercontinuum laser associated with a SuperK VARIA filter. Read more

Multi-color imaging of plasmonic nanostructures

The Nano-optics group at University of Cologne uses the SuperK EXTREME for multi-color imaging of light emitting molecules coupled to plasmonic nanostructures. Plasmonics is one of the fastest developing areas of optics due to its potential to bring optics to the nanoscale. Read more

High speed Tomography and Profilometry

Researchers at the Advanced Photonics & Sensing Laboratory at  Saitama University use the SuperK EXTREME and a spatial light modulator to create the Worlds first optically zooming tomography system. Read more

Supercontinuum OCT used to measure retinal oxygen metabolic response in the eye

Using the SuperK EXTREME OCT supercontinuum laser from NKT Photonics, a research team from Northwestern University and University of Wisconsin has build a visible light optical coherence tomography imaging system capable of measuring retinal oxygen metabolic rate (rMRO2) noninvasively in rat eyes. Being able to quantify oxygen metabolism noninvasively is important for diagnostics and investigation of a range of eye diseases such as age-related macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy and glaucoma. Read more