Automated quality control & setup

At NKT Photonics, we make high-quality lasers and fibers. We love them and we want you to love them, too. And we want you to trust them to do what they should.

So, we test all our SuperK and Koheras lasers systematically and automatically throughout the production to ensure consistent quality and minimize human error.

Tailor-made test flows

We expose our lasers to more than 100 different tests. Every laser gets special treatment and has a tailor-made test flow to ensure high quality and traceability. After the tests, we collect data consistently and we compare test results over time to adjust for variations and avoid fluctuations.

Validated product specifications

We load the laser specification into the automatic test equipment and let it set up the laser. After set up, the tester calibrates the laser to ensure you get what you specified. The tester stores all data systematically for traceability.

When you get your laser, you also get an automatically generated datasheet that lists all specifications. With this datasheet in your hand, you can immediately verify that your laser or fiber lives up to your expectations.

Install and forget

With our fiber lasers, you get high uptime, thanks to the robust and reliable laser design and the many tests.

Our SuperK supercontinuum white light lasers typically run 24/7 for more than a full year without any service. And our Koheras single-frequency lasers have a typical lifetime of more than 10 years.

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