Markets and Applications

Quantum & Nanotechnology

You care about the small stuff. All that is invisible to the naked eye. You know that small is not the same as insignificant. Research within quantum physics and nanomaterials puts high demands on the light source. Whether you are looking for a broadband white light laser or an ultrastable single-frequency laser, we can help.

Medical & Life Science

You want to do something great. Contribute to making the World a better place. Improve the life quality of a lot of people. Maybe you want to do something no one has ever done before. Or do it better. Tweaking and playing around with lasers is probably not on your to-do list. You just want a flexible light source that lets you do what you do best.


From your office, you can see the stack lights in the production. Every single light is green. Your favorite color. The production is running smoothly. You smile and continue not to worry… We design our lasers with this scenario in mind. Our lasers are maintenance-free, robust, and reliable – they run non-stop for at least a year. As a bonus, they are easy to use and offer a low cost-of-ownership.

Aerospace & Defense

You care about critical infrastructure and assets and it drives you to think innovatively. How can you safeguard what is most important? With remote sensing you can track and detect intrusion in high-risk areas and protect valuable assets.