Wind LIDAR using Koheras lasers

Wind LIDAR (a portmanteau of "light" and "radar") is a technique where low noise laser light is used to measure wind speed and direction with high accuracy.

The accurate prediction of energy yield is vital to the success of wind farm projects. The wind data has traditionally been collected using expensive anemometry masts with great difficulty due to the numerous measurement points throughout the entire wind farm. In addition raising of an anemometry mast corresponds to negative issues such as building permits and health & safety concerns.

Using a laser anemometry will provide a complete wind resource management including horizontal and vertical wind speed, direction and turbulence. One of the largest challenges in building such a laser anemometry system is to identify a laser source which is very low in its intensity and phase noise thus a very weak signal coming back from a Doppler-shift reflection will be properly detected. Secondly the laser source has to be robust and the optical performance of such a source must be insensitive towards structural and acoustic vibrations in order to deliver an accurate wind measurement. This technique is referred to as WIND LIDAR.

The Koheras fiber laser provides the features that satisfy the mentioned requirements for the WIND LIDAR application. Built as and DFB truly single frequency fiber laser, the Koheras fiber laser is one of the best laser which fulfils all the criteria that are mandatory for such kind of application.

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