Pipeline Monitoring

In the oil industry and other industries where liquids are transported in pipelines over long distances, the integrity and health condition of the pipelines is extremely critical. Due to the economic importance these pipeline are potential targets for malicious intrusion and attacks, and furthermore mechanical cracks and fatigue can lead to disastrous spills with severe economic and environmental consequences.

Protect and ensure pipeline integrity with Koheras lasers

Optical sensing systems are today being deployed for pipeline security and integrity monitoring as preventive means to continuously protect or monitor pipelines. The systems are based on interferometric sensing where ultra stable, low noise lasers interrogate an optical fiber acting as one long continuous sensor embedded or attached to the pipeline.

The fiber is sensitive to acoustics which by its specific signature when interrogated by the laser contains information about an event occurring on the fiber as well as its position.  The systems are intelligently designed to discriminate background noise from acoustic noise of interest so that alarms are only triggered by relevant events.

Koheras lasers are being used in world leading acoustic sensing systems due to the unprecedented low noise and long coherence length that enable measurement ranges up to 50-100 km and high sensitivity to acoustic events.

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