Perimeter Security

The protection and security of assets such as power plants, airports, borders, and other kinds of critical assets and infrastructures has never been more vital than today. With the introduction of distributed fiber optic sensor systems some years back, new means of sensing has become available and overcome traditional sensor systems with limited range and sensitivity.

The Koheras lasers have over the years been deployed for interferometric and distributed acoustic sensing systems that benefit from optical fibers that have been pre-installed or embedded many of the locations.

The long coherence length of the Koheras laser has made it possible to interrogate fibers over tens of kilometer distances so that rather large areas can be monitored efficiently with a single laser source. Since the fiber essentially acts as a long acoustic sensor, it picks up any acoustic disturbance or perturbation along the line, and thanks to the low noise properties of the laser as well as interrogation techniques and interpretation software, both the location and frequency contents of an event, such as from an intruder, can be analysed and help the operator decide if actions are required.

The Koheras laser has played an important role in this application area due to its industrial design, inherent low noise properties and stable performance that is unaffected by different environmental conditions and wide temperature ranges in the field.


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