Oil and Gas Sensing

Oil extraction has become ever more challenging as existing reservoirs produce less oil. Furthermore, oil and gas is to a large extend being exploited at deeper sea levels down to 3 kilometers causing major challenges for the operation and lifetime of components and equipment for both oil extraction and sensing.

Locate the oil with Koheras lasers

Optical sensing systems are now gaining ground because they offer several advantages over traditional technologies based on electrical transducers e.g. piezo electric hydrophones. New interferometric systems with fiber optical sensors that are passive (no electronics), compact, lightweight, reliable, and can be multiplexed to interrogate extensive sensor arrays, enable longer sensing ranges with high dynamic range and sensitivity. This is key to obtaining higher return on investment and ultimately lower cost of ownership.

Today only about 30% of an oil well is exploited over time however with permanent reservoir monitoring it is possible to increase the extraction rate and thus benefit from the existing infrastructure around an oil reservoir.  The optical sensor system listens to an “acoustic signature” from the sea floor, providing means to identify and locate oil “pockets” that are otherwise difficult to access.

Benefits of using Koheras fiber lasers for Oil & Gas sensing

The industrial Koheras fiber laser modules have been used in the oil & gas industry for many years and is currently the back-bone of several seismic sensor systems. The key is our market leading low phase noise that is crusual for obtaining a high dynamic range and sensitivity in an optical sensor system. Moreover, the Koheras laser modules are build for industrial use with unsurpassed reliability suitable for long term operation in harsh environments.


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