Industrial laser material processing

NKT Photonics manufactures two ranges of high pulse energy ultrafast laser systems that serve a vast range of material processing and industrial applications.

The HE range (HE1060/532) produces femtosecond or picosecond pulses with energies up to 10 μJ and ultra-high peak power. Along with tunable repetition rates from single shot to 1MHz, the HE range is a versatile tool for high-throughput thin-film laser material processing.

The multi-Megawatt level peak-power and ultrafast pulses delivered by the HYLASE system are suitable for processing the most demanding materials including transparent glasses & plastics. Typical applications include photovoltaic & electronics production, display glass processing, and security & decorative marking.

The following application notes describe a selection of applications and, using NKT Photonics fully-equipped applications laboratory, we can provide a solution to your material processing needs.

Application notes on material processing


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