Black laser marking on stainless-steel medical devices

Medical regulations require a majority of medical instruments to have a unique device identifier. The identifier needs to be permanent and readable by humans as well as machines. It is extremely important to secure traceability and accounting of surgical instruments.

The marks not only have to be readable but must be capable of surviving the repeated high humidity and temperature exposure during autoclave cleaning processes. One way to solve this challenge is to use laser marking of the instruments.

Because medical instruments can spread contaminants, the marking must not destroy or modify the surface of the instrument.

Together with our UK collaborator, Optek Systems, we successfully created dark marks on a stainless-steel sample using our femtosecond pulse laser, the OneFive ORIGAMI XP.

The ORIGAMI XP has been designed for easy and cost-effective integration. It comes in an air-cooled, single-box chassis with removable handles and offers full remote-control capabilities. With a rugged design and low maintenance costs, it is ideal for many industrial applications.


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