Acetylene locked lasers

Are you looking for a laser with superior long-term mode-hop-free stability as a foundation for your acetylene-locked laser? High long-term stability and a well-defined reference wavelength are essential for locking and stabilizing the wavelength in e.g. frequency combs, spectroscopy, metrology, or laser cooling and trapping.

Get stability and narrow linewidth with the Koheras BASIK X15

With the Koheras BASIK X15, you get a stable, ultra-narrow linewidth fiber laser with intrinsically low phase noise. Lock it to acetylene to get an even higher long-term stability. Optimized for 1542 nm, our BASIK X15 laser has become the preferred foundation for a rock-steady acetylene-locked laser.

On top, the BASIK X15 is mode-hop-free and gives you the narrowest linewidth on the market, just 0.1 kHz.

Phase noise specifications:

Max. phase noise -105 dB((Rad/√Hz)/m)@ 1 Hz
-125 dB((Rad/√Hz)/m)@ 10 Hz
-130 dB((Rad/√Hz)/m)@ 100 Hz
-128 dB((Rad/√Hz)/m)@ 1 kHz
Max. phase noise 3.1 (µrad/√Hz)/m@ 1 Hz
0.6 (µrad/√Hz)/m @ 10 Hz
0.3 (µrad/√Hz)/m @ 100 Hz
0.4 (µrad/√Hz)/m @ 1 kHz

See all the Koheras BASIK X15 specifications on the product page.

This laser is robust enough for oil rigs yet sophisticated enough for the lab

Our fiber laser design is inherently compact and robust. It is developed for a lifetime of above 10 years in demanding environments where uptime is critical. With failure rates lower than 1%, we proudly deliver the most reliable low-noise lasers on the market. Alignment-free and maintenance-free.

The industrial-grade OEM lasers have a rugged design, a stable performance unaffected by changing environmental conditions, and wide temperature ranges in the field as well as the lab. We deliver lasers to the most advanced laboratories worldwide such as the Danish National Metrology Institute and the Quantum Optics and Photonics lab at the Niels Bohr Institute.

We have more than 15,000 Koheras lasers deployed in the harshest environments on – and off – the planet. We have lasers on oil rigs, submarines, wind turbines, and even in space. With over 20 years of experience, we know they last. Also in your lab.

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