Remote Sensing

Perimeter Security

The protection and security of assets such as power plants, airports, borders, and other kinds of critical assets and infrastructures has never been more vital than today. With the introduction of distributed fiber optic sensor systems some years back, new means of sensing has become available and overcome traditional sensor systems with limited range and sensitivity. Read more

Oil and Gas Sensing

Oil extraction has become ever more challenging as existing reservoirs produce less oil. Furthermore, oil and gas is to a large extend being exploited at deeper sea levels down to 3 kilometers causing major challenges for the operation and lifetime of components and equipment for both oil extraction and sensing. Read more

Pipeline Monitoring

In the oil industry and other industries where liquids are transported in pipelines over long distances, the integrity and health condition of the pipelines is extremely critical. Due to the economic importance these pipeline are potential targets for malicious intrusion and attacks, and furthermore mechanical cracks and fatigue can lead to disastrous spills with severe economic and environmental consequences. Read more

Hollow cores fibers for Gyros

Gyroscopes for rotation sensing are based on several design platforms, and advancements in optical fibers have enabled the fiber optic gyroscope (FOG) to become an attractive choice for demanding applications.  As this design platform matures, it can benefit from further advancements in optical fiber design.  In particular, hollow core fibers that allows light signals to propagate mainly in air overcome many of the limitations of conventional silica core fibers. Read more