Micromachining & Display

Sub-surface marking of glass

Our femtosecond lasers produce high peak power that lets you, successfully, make precise laser sub-surface marking within transparent materials, such as glass. Read more

Micromachining of thermally sensitive PET film

PET film is a clear, strong, and lightweight material that is becoming popular for the manufacturing of flexible microelectronics circuits and displays. PET is a low-cost solution compared to glass and other flexible substrates. However, machining is a challenge due to its low glass transition temperature. Read more

Laser marking of polymer tubes

Ultrafast laser marking of polymers can produce a permanent high-contrast mark in the material. Unlike printing, laser marking is resistant to solvents or abrasion. Read more

Laser machining of polyimide

Precise machining of small features in thin materials calls for ultrafast, high-power lasers. In our application laboratory, we have seen good results when machining very small features in 25 µm thick polyimide film using our IR and green wavelength ORIGAMI XP lasers. Read more

Ultrafast laser

Ultrafast application lab at your service

Do you wonder how to make the most of our ultrafast lasers? Let us help you!

Our state-of-the-art Industrial Application Center is waiting to assist you in exploring and optimizing your ultrafast laser micromachining applications. Read more