Industrial Remote Sensing

Laser Doppler Vibrometry

Laser Doppler Vibrometry is a way to make 3D images of moving objects. It is a contactless, non-destructive measurement method that uses light beams as sensors.  Read more

Perimeter Security

The protection and security of critical assets such as power plants, airports, borders, and other kinds of infrastructures have never been more vital than today. The new distributed fiber optic sensor systems have better range and sensitivity than traditional sensor systems and can improve the security even further. Read more

Oil and Gas Sensing

Oil extraction is becoming ever more challenging as existing reservoirs produce less oil. Furthermore, to a large extent, oil and gas are being exploited at sea levels down to 3 kilometers causing major challenges for the operation and lifetime of equipment for both oil extraction and sensing. Read more

Pipeline Monitoring

In industries where liquids are transported in pipelines over long distances, the integrity and health condition of pipelines are extremely critical. Due to their economic importance, these pipelines are potential targets of malicious intrusion and attacks. On top of this, mechanical cracks and fatigue can lead to disastrous spills and severe economic and environmental consequences. Read more