Perovskite photovoltaic characterization

Most conventional solar cells are made from a layer of silicon sandwiched between two electrodes. Silicon solar cells have a great lifetime and are very stable, but they also have their limitations. One limitation is that they are unable to absorb energy from all wavelengths in the solar spectrum. However, perovskites are promising solar cell candidates. Read more

Solar cell characterization

Solar cells can be characterized using a SuperK supercontinuum laser as a sun simulator, either with bulky samples, or to look at microscale features such as plasmonic particles for up- or down-conversion mechanisms; this often requires broadband excitation with a spectral shape as close as possible to the sun spectrum. Read more

Oil and Gas Sensing

Oil extraction is becoming ever more challenging as existing reservoirs produce less oil. Furthermore, to a large extent, oil and gas are being exploited at sea levels down to 3 kilometers causing major challenges for the operation and lifetime of equipment for both oil extraction and sensing. Read more

Pipeline Monitoring

In industries where liquids are transported in pipelines over long distances, the integrity and health condition of pipelines are extremely critical. Due to their economic importance, these pipelines are potential targets of malicious intrusion and attacks. On top of this, mechanical cracks and fatigue can lead to disastrous spills and severe economic and environmental consequences. Read more