Join the webinar: Hyperspectral darkfield imaging

Do you want to learn to characterize bio- and nanomaterials efficiently? Join the webinar and learn about a novel global darkfield hyperspectral acquisition technique designed for spectral filtering of excitation.

Photon etc.’s new LIMA system is designed for spectral filtering of excitation and rapidly provides the scattered signal of bio and nanomaterials. With LIMA, you get an optical, non-destructive technique that gives you spectral and spatial information over a wide field of view. 

The spectral information gives you insight into the structural composition and shape of your samples while the imaging capabilities let you know their localization. With access to these key parameters, over a large area, can help orient synthesis methods of nanomaterials and provide the fast analysis of biomaterials. 

LIMA combines a Laser Line Tunable Filter, a SuperK supercontinuum white-light laser, and a research-grade microscope. It is compatible with both dry and oil objectives and darkfield condensers. 

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It’s on May 25th, at 10 AM ET.


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