Code of Conduct

Honesty and reliability are our core values and conducting responsible business in the heart of all our actions. We are committed to responsible and ethical behaviour and, as an active corporate citizen, we embrace a value-based approach to the way we conduct business around the world.

We are present in a number of countries worldwide and thereby support communities in those markets by creating jobs, growth and a range of government revenues. We will continue to develop our business in a way that benefits our company as well as the communities and economies upon which we depend for future growth.

Our primary economic contribution is the result of our production and sales and we ensure that profits are generated and that taxes and duties are paid.

Respect, responsibility and professionalism are essential behaviours when it comes to applying our business conduct. This goes for every one of us, no matter what we do and where we work in the organisation.

At NKT Photonics we respect and comply with applicable laws and regulations, including international laws, and require our employees and business partners to do likewise.

We want to do right, in everything we do!

Business Code of Conduct

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In our Code of Conduct, we have described our business ethics and integrity; our policies on data security, anti-corruption and product compliance; how we take care of the environment; how we acknowledge human rights; and our compliance handling procedures.

If you want to know more, please download our Business Code of Conduct.

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Please also refer to our Corporate Social Responsibility page.