Our Values – Dream Design Deliver

At NKT Photonics we don’t just supply lasers and sensing systems, we design solutions that bring our customers closer to their goal. Closer to their dream. And we deliver what we promise. Always. We call this concept “Dream Design Deliver” and it has made us one of the fastest growing companies in the laser industry.


State of the art: We want to be a state of the art supplier; Continuously on the technical forefront of commercial products.

Teamwork & collaboration: We encourage teamwork and collaboration across all organizational, geographical and cultural boundaries.

Customer value: By focusing all processes around our customers, we want to become the preferred partner for our customers and set new standards for value of commercial fiber lasers.

Benefit of mankind: We will design products that enables commercial and technological breakthroughs that benefit mankind.


Smart: We will be smarter than our competition in every aspect of our organization and products.

Simple & Ready to Use: We will provide a robust and simplified systems that are ready to use.

Modularized: All products must be modularized so that components and sub-systems can be reused between product lines.


Lean: We will all constantly improve the quality of our processes, products and services. We will do it with open minds to learn and evolve.

Agile: We will adapt fast to changes to maximize our performance.Measured by ability for fast turnaround of off-track projects

Honest: We will be honest in everything we do and keep our promises in all situations.Measurement on delivery on time and project execution

Reliable: We will deliver reliable products of high quality and we will be a reliable partner for our customers.