BoostiK OEM - Narrow Linewidth, Low Noise, Single Frequency Fiber Laser

The Koheras Boostik™ Module is available for operation at different wavelength ranges and with different characteristics on linewidth, and phase and intensity noise.

E15:  Is an Erbium doped fiber laser system for operation in the 1530-1585 nm wavelength range offering the lowest phase and frequency noise and narrowest linewidth of the entire laser portfolio. It is often deployed for interferometric sensor applications demanding 10s of kilometers of coherence length and ultra-high frequency stability. The lasers are commonly designed into a Michelson or Mach Zender interferometric configuration.

C15: Is a Co-doped Erbium/Ytterbium fiber laser system for operation in the 1530-1585 nm wavelength range offering the lowest intensity noise (RIN) and is a shut noise limited fiber laser. The laser is often adopted for different types of LIDAR systems that require high frequency stability and as well as an extremely low intensity noise to detect back-scattered signals with high sensitivity.

Y10: Ytterbium doped fiber laser system for operation in the 1050-1121 nm wavelength range with narrow linewidth and low intensity noise. This laser is commonly used for laser stabilisation, atomic physics, spectroscopy, fusion energy, general replacement of conventional Nd:YAG lasers, and many other applications.

Other features include:

PM operation: The output of the fiber laser systems is per default Single Mode Fiber however we always offer a PM (Polarisation Maintaing) option to ensure a fixed orientation of the polarisation. This may be required whenever the laser output needs to be externally modulated.

Thermal wavelength tuning: The fiber laser systems are per default thermally tunable to enable the user to match and stabilise the laser at a certain wavelengths. Piezo-electric wavelength tuning: Piezo tuning capability can be offered as an add-on feature to provide means for e.g. higher frequency stabilisation than provided by the thermal control. The piezo tuning feature enables the user to frequency lock the laser to e.g. an external reference such as an atomic transition line or interferometer.

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