Supercontinuum lasers

Ultra broadband white light lasers with diffraction limited output in the entire 400-2400 nm region.

Supercontinuum accessories / filters

Computer controlled filters that can turn our supercontinuum lasers into ultra broadband tunable lasers or extend the output into the UV region.

Single frequency lasers

Low noise single single frequency lasers with ultra narrow linewidth in a robust industrial package.

Ultrafast lasers

Ultrafast picosecond lasers with diffraction limited output and narrow linewidth.

Gain modules and double-clad fibers

Single-mode Ytterbium gain modules with industry leading power handling capabilities for ultrafast lasers.

Fiber delivery

Broadband single-mode fiber delivery solutions. Deliver all your needed wavelengths in one single fiber.

Photonic crystal fibers

Cutting edge microsctructured optical fibers with performance found nowhere else.

OCT systems and Sources

Low noise µOCT systems with micron resolution. Powered by our SuperK supercontinuum lasers.


Our unified CONTROL software suite that can handle all our lasers.