SC400 supercontinuum laser

The SC400 supercontinuum laser is engineered with cost in mind. If you need Watt level output power at MHz repetition rate, but don’t need the features and options of the SuperK EXTREME or WhiteLase series, this is the laser for you.

With almost a Watt of visible power and more than four Watts of total power in the 400-2400 nm region, the SC400 is as powerful as it is simple. The laser comes ready to use in a 9″ chassis with a power control potentiometer on the back. Simply dial in your needed power and you are ready to go.

  • Cost effective high power supercontinuum laser
  • 400-2400 nm output
  • Watt level output power
  • Simple interface
  • 40 MHz repetition rate

The SC400 comes in one fixed configuration. If you need a supercontinuum laser with more options and the possibility for custom solutions, we recommend our Fianium WhiteLase series or the SuperK EXTREME.



Repetition Rate 40 MHz +/- 2 MHz
Total power >3600 mW
Visible power (400-850 nm) >750 mW
Polarization Unpolarized
Beam output Gaussian, single mode
Typical M2 (>430 nm) >1.1
Output options Collimated
Lenght of output fiber 1.5 m
Beam diameter ≈1 mm @ 634nm
≈2mm @ 1060 nm
Beam divergence (over 400-1000 nm)  < 3 mrad
Typical single mode fiber coupling effeciency (>430 nm) >70 %

Mechanical / Electrical

Computer interface USB
Operation voltage 100-240 VAC 50/60 Hz
Power consumption
Door interlock connector 15 way D connector
System cooling Air cooled
Operation temperature +15°C to +30°C
Storage Temperature -10°C to +60°C
Dimensions (WxHxL) 250x300x120 mm³
Weight 10 kg
Sc_400_Compact-Technical drawing Sc_400_Compact-Technical drawing2 Sc_400_Compact-Technical drawing3 Sc_400_Compact-Technical drawing4