Fianium HYLASE high energy ultrafast lasers

HYLASE is an industrial grade micro-Joule laser that brings together two key technologies to provide high pulse energies and repetition rates in an industry leading, compact footprint for an ultrafast materials processing laser.

The HYLASE series from NKT Photonics are ultrafast lasers conceived specifically for use in materials processing applications.

Designed for R&D and industrial applications, the combination of high energy and ultrafast pulses ensures that NKT Photonics can provide a laser that will exceed your expectations.

An all-fiber seed source is combined with a solid state amplifier to produce pulse energies in excess of 125μJ with variable repetition rates from single pulse up to 40MHz. Both technologies within HYLASE are inherently robust and stable making the laser ready for integration into a wider system or as part of a production line

Compact and Powerful

The HYLASE picosecond laser from NKT Photonics combines the reliability and low maintenance of an all fiber oscillator with a state-of-the-art amplifier. The ultra-compact laser head has the smallest footprint available enabling easy integration.

Precision Laser Processing

The multi-Megawatt level peak-power and ultrafast pulses delivered by the HYLASE system are suitable for processing the most demanding materials including transparent glasses & plastics. Typical applications include photovoltaic & electronics production, display glass processing and security & decorative marking.HYLASE-8 Remote Head

  • ­ Maximum Average Power of 25W at 1064nm
  • ­ Maximum Pulse Energy of 125µJ at 1064nm
  • ­ Integrated pulse modulation enables: Single-shot to 40MHz and flexible burst mode
  • ­ Optional integrated Second Harmonic Generation module
  • ­ M-squared <1.3

Wavelenght Max pulse energy Max power
HYLASE-8 1064nm 40µJ @ 1064nm >8W @ 1064nm
HYLASE-8-SHG 532/1064nm switchable 40µJ @ 1064nm
20µJ @ 532nm
>8W @ 1064nm
>2W @ 532nm
HYLASE-25 1064nm 125µJ @ 1064nm >25W @ 1064nm
HYLASE-25-SHG 532/1064nm switchable 125µJ @ 1064nm
60µJ @ 532nm
>25W @ 1064nm
>10W @ 532nm

Warranty Extension

Extend the normal 12 month warranty with an extra 12 or 24 months


Pulse Duration <15ps
Pulse Repetition Rate Single shot to 40MHz including burst mode
Spatial Mode TEM₀₀ (M² < 1.3)
Beam circularity > 85 %
Pulse energy stability < 1% RMS @ 1064nm and 1MHz
Average power stability < 1% RMS @ 1064nm and 1MHz
Polarisation extinction ratio >>100:1
Trigger input TTL
Synchronisation output TTL
Warm-up time < 30 minutes

Mechanical / Electrical

Laser head weight < 20Kg
Dimensions 330x220x90mm 550x220x98mm
Laser head controller 19" rackmount, 6U height
Cooling Water cooled