Fianium High Energy ultrafast fiber lasers

The High Energy systems provide a cost effective all-fiber system with either picosecond or femtosecond pulse durations which can be easily integrated into an optical setup.

With a range of output options including single pulse, burst mode and energy ramping; the High Energy lasers provide an out-of-the-box, turnkey laser with a wide range of processing capabilities.

Exceptional single-mode beam quality, Megawatt peak powers and class-leading stability enable the most demanding processes to be explored with these systems. The HE 532 series adds fully integrated second harmonic generation to efficiently produce green output with Microjoule pulse energies.


The integrated output modulator allows single-shot, burst-mode or continuous operation as well as pulse-to-pulse control of intensity

Ease of Use

The systems are based on an inherently robust self-starting ultrafast fiber laser oscillator and high energy fiber amplifier. They are air-cooled and require no user alignment or maintenance.

  • Pulsewidths from 500fs to 100psHE-1060-application
  • Up to 10µJ pulse energy
  • Single-shot to 1MHz variable repetition rate
  • 1064nm or 532nm wavelengths
  • Compact and air cooled


HE-1060-10uJ-SP HE-1060-2uJ-fs HE-532-5uJ-SP HE-532-1uJ-fs
Central Wavelenght 1064nm 1064nm 532nm 532nm
Maximum Pluse Energy >10µJ* >2µJ >5µJ >1µJ
Pulse Width <5ps <500fs <5ps <500fs
Variable Repetition Rate
Single-shot to 500kHz Single-shot to 1MHz Single-shot to 500kHz Single-shot to 1MHz
Maximum Average Power 5W 2W 2.5W 1W

*15μJ/100ps option available

Warranty Extension

Extend the normal 12 month warranty with an extra 12 or 24 months


Power Stability <2%
M-squared <1.3
Output Optic Collimated
Output Polarization Linear
Cooling Air-cooled
Power Consumption (max <250W

Mechanical / Electrical

Laser Chassis 450 x 390 x 180 (19” rack-mount)
Remote Optical Head 220 x 360 x 130
Weight <25kg