Fianium FemtoPower femtosecond fiber lasers

FemtoPower lasers are a range of high average power, fixed repetition-rate, quasi-CW fiber lasers ideally suited for bioimaging applications

Based on a passively modelocked Master Oscillator, Power Amplifier (MOPA) architecture, the FemtoPower series is a high power ultrafast fiber laser which utilizes efficient pulse compression to provide high quality optical pulses of less than 200 fs. The laser is designed mainly for applications within optogenetics and multiphoton imaging. The FP532-fs version adds fully integrated second harmonic generation.

Designed for the most demanding scientific and industrial applications, the laser delivers high average powers while maintaining exceptional beam quality and femtosecond pulse duration in a compact passively air cooled design.


Laser delivery is from a passively-cooled compact remote head which includes the pulse compressor, beam delivery optics, optical isolation and optional frequency conversion.


The lasers utilize an inherently robust all-fiber design allowing for unprecedented levels of reliability from an ultrafast laser. In addition, the systems are easy to use, maintenance-free, air-cooled and require no alignment.

  • Up to 5 W average output powerFemtopower
  • ­ 1064 nm or 532 nm
  • ­ Femtosecond pulse-widths
  • ­ High-stability, low noise
  • ­ Small foot-print
  • ­ Maintenance-free


Custom options:

  • ­ Alternative wavelengths: 1030 nm, 1045 nm & 1053 nm (plus harmonics)
  • ­ Fixed repetition rates from 20 MHz to 100 MHz
  • ­ Wider bandwidth
Model FP-1060-1-fs FP-1060-2-fs FP-1060-5-fs FP-532-1-fs
Central Wavelength 1064 nm 532 nm
Average Power >1 W >2 W >5 W >1 W
Bandwidth <25 nm <10 nm

Warranty Extension

Extend the normal 12 month warranty with an extra 12 or 24 months


Model FP-1060-5-fs
Pulse Width <200 fs <200 fs
Repetition Rate 80 MHz 80 MHz
Bandwidth <25 nm <10 nm
Power stability <2 % <2 %
M-squared <1.3 <1.3
Output Optic Collimated Collimated
Output Polarization Linear Linear
Power consumption (max) <250 W <250 W
Weight <20 kg <25 kg

Dimensions (WxLxH, mm)

Model FP-1060-1-fs FP-1060-2-fs FP-1060-5-fs FP-532-1-fs
Laser chassis 300x250x120 450x390x180 450x390x180
Remote Optical Head 160x125x75 180x270x100 220x360x130

Control box for FP-1060-1-fs &  FP-1060-2-fs

femtopower_chassis_front femtopower_chassis_back femtopower_chassis_top femtopower_chassis_side_vent

Laser head for FP-1060-1-fs &  FP-1060-2-fs

femtopower_laserhead_full femtopower_laserhead_front femtopower_laserhead_top femtopower_laserhead_side1 femtopower_laserhead_side

Laser head for FP-1060-5-fs

femtopower_remotehead_full femtopower_remotehead_frontend femtopower_remotehead_backend femtopower_remotehead_top