LIOS EN.SURE Power Cable Monitoring

LIOS EN.SURE exploit our accurate and state-of-the-art DTS technology to provide real time temperature profiles for monitoring of cables, power grids, and overhead transmission lines. Our industry leading 70 km single-ended monitoring range allows for superior hotspot detection along the whole sensor cable length, even at the most remote distances. EN.SURE is a round-the-clock and cost-effective monitoring solution for the electric power transmission and distribution grid and is the key factor for successful Smart Grid implementation.

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EN.SURE Models

Max. range Temperature Strain RTTR
LIOS EN.SURE Long Range DTS 70 km

LIOS EN.SURE Long Range Power Cable Monitoring System

With even better temperature resolution at distances longer than 20 km and as fast detection as our regular EN.SURE system the EN.SURE long range system covers ranges all the way up to 70 km. Perfect for long distances or large structures - but without compromising on the accuracy of data. Read more

LIOS EN.SURE Distributed Power Cable Monitoring

As demand for electricity continues to rise, so does the challenges for power companies and power grids. To overcome one of the main factors of optimization of underground power transmissions and distribution installations we designed EN.SURE – with a temperature resolution better than 1°C and real time thermal rating you can safely utilize the existing network capacity to its maximum. Read more

LIOS EN.SURE Power Cable Strain Measurement System

With the LIOS EN.SURE cable strain measurement system it is possible to measure the strain put on your power cable when unforeseen events happen and take the appropriate action - saving time and money on downtime and making sure your cables are always ready to run at maximum capacity and preventing large-scale cable faults. Let LIOS EN.SURE ensure a reliable supply of electrical power for today’s world. Read more

EN.SURE Conductor Temperature & RTTR system

LIOS EN.SURE Real Time Thermal Rating offers the answer to modern power management. Valuable data is transmitted to operators providing smart grid solutions for energy transmission and distribution systems. By coupling the RRTR system to the LIOS EN.SURE, the operator will never have to worry about operating the transmission cable beyond the physical conditions for which it has been designed, as the technology provides the necessary information to prevent overheating the insulation and therefore avoiding permanent thermal damage made to the transmission cable installation. Read more

LIOS EN.SURE sensor cables

The passive and maintenance-free fibre optic sensor cable is the basis for the EN.SURE real time condition monitoring solution, either integrated directly inside an insulated high voltage underground cable (for instance FIMT, fibre in metal tube) or mounted externally on the cable jacket or installed in a separate duct close to the power cable. Read more

Fiber in Metal Tube (FIMT)

The optical fiber serves as the distributed temperature sensor for LIOS EN.SURE DTS systems and is typically surrounded by a protective layer. It is preferably encased in a stainless steel tube which significantly increases the mechanical stability of the sensor.
Fiber encapsulated in stainless steel tube or short “Fiber In Metal Tube (FIMT)” is a hermetically sealed rugged construction for very long lengths of optical fibers. Furthermore, it is particularly effective in protecting against the hydrostatic pressures, high temperature effects, and corrosive environments. Read more