Long Range Cable Monitoring on North Sea Offshore Wind Farm

In this project, NKT Photonics supplied a LIOS EN.SURE Long Range power cable sensing system to monitor a 50 km long export cable from an offshore wind farm in the Norh Sea. The cable included a single mode fiber optic cable installed just under the steel armor of the submarine power cable and the LIOS system was connected to this fiber, making installation and setup quick and easy. Read more

Fire detection in the Eisenhower Tunnel

The LIOS DE.TECT fiber optic linear heat detection system from NKT Photonics has been installed in the Eisenhower Tunnel where it accurately monitors the temperature in the two tunnel bores 24 hours a day. The high spatial resolution and temperature sensitivity enables fast and accurate detection of a fire in the tunnel. Read more

Tianjin LNG storage monitoring

As the global energy market changes and increased focus is on saving cost and storage space, the liquefaction of natural gas becomes increasingly important. For LNG transmission networks, the LNG tanks are vital and so becomes monitoring and safe operation of these tanks. Read more

Bus bar monitoring of Seoul Financial Center

The LIOS EN.SURE was installed in Seoul Financial Center (SFC) to ensure power supply of one of the most prestigious prime office buildings occupied by leading financial and international companies, side by side with historical Korean palaces. Read more

Fire detection in the Mont Blanc Tunnel

The Mont Blanc tunnel is a road tunnel in the Alps connecting Chamonix of France and Courmayeur of Italy, beneath the Mont Blanc massif. At 11.6 km, the tunnel was the longest road tunnel in the world at the time of its completion in 1965. Read more

Tehnomobil Tunnel Safety in Croatia

Tunnels are sensitive traffic bottlenecks and consequently extraordinary vulnerable in case of accidents or fire blasts. With life-threatening dangers and enormous economic consequences these tunnels are obvious subjects for technical solutions of prevention and limitation of damage. Read more