Software and drivers

Download the latest version of our drivers and control software suites for the Koheras low noise lasers, SuperK supercontinuum white light sources and aeroPULSE ultra fast lasers.

Control software

NKTP_CONTROL_laptopFor control of our lasers and filters we recommend the NKT Photonics CONTROL software. CONTROL is compatible with all latest generation NKT Photonics lasers and accessories. See also our CONTROL compatibility overview sheet .

Compatible with:

  • All SuperK filtering accessories
  • aeroPULSE ultrafast lasers
  • Koheras BASIK in the line card design (for older generations of BASIK modules, please use the GraphiK software)
  • ACOUSTIK with BASIK line cards


Download CONTROL

Software Development Kit

The NKT Photonics Software Development Kit contains documentation and tools for advanced control of all our laser and filter products. The SDK contains the following:

Manual: A manual that covers a description of the NKT Photonics Interbus protocol, description of how to use the C++ and C# source code examples and Labview driver, how to read the register lists, how to install USB driver and how to install and use the Generic User Interface.

Protocol Description: The Interbus Protocol Description section is a low level description for those who wants to write their own code e.g. for a micro controller in their own system that should be able to communicate with NKT Photonics modules/systems.

C++ Source Code: The C++ Source Code section describes how to get started with the C++ source code from the 03_C++ Source Code folder.

C# Source Code: The C# Source Code section describes how to use the C# source code from the 04_C# Source Code folder.

Labview Driver: The Labview Driver section explains how to use the Labview driver from the 05_Labview Driver folder.

Register Files: The Register Files section explains how to read use the information from the register files from the 06_Register Files folder. There are separate register files for the different types of modules and systems.

USB Driver: The USB driver for NKT Photonics products with USB interface (e.g. SuperK EXTREME and Koheras ADJUSTIK), the USB driver can be found in the 07_USB Driver folder. The USB Driver section describes how to install the USB driver.

Generic User Interface: The Software Development Kit includes a Generic User Interface. This user interface uses the information from the register files in the 06_Register File folder, so it can be of help to e.g. understand what to write to which registers and to read out what has been written to the different registers. The Generic User Interface section describes how to install and use the Generic User Interface from the 08_Generic User Interface folder.

Download SDK


All updates of firmware on our lasers are handled by our firmware updater tool.


Download firmware updater


The USB driver is used for all NKT Photonics lasers with USB communication.


Download USB driver

Legacy software

Below you can download old versions of our control software for previous generations of hardware.