Onefive ORIGAMI XXP High Energy Femtosecond Laser

The Onefive ORIGAMI XXP laser is a 100W microjoule femtosecond laser offering sub-picosecond pulse duration for a large array of applications - all in a single box.

ORIGAMI XXP is a high energy and high power femtosecond system based on a simple and compact chirped pulse amplification architecture capable of delivering > 500 μJ pulse energy, 100 W average power with pulse duration below 800 fs. It is based on the unique, ultra-stable and low noise ORIGAMI femtosecond seed laser. ORIGAMI XXP has been specifically designed for all applications requiring high energy, sub-picosecond pulse duration at a cost-competitive price. The compact all-in-one laser is water cooled and is delivered with full remote control capabilities.


  • Air-cooled
  • Mountable in any direction
  • Real-time pulse energy measurement and control
  • Maintenance-free


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  • Green 515 nm
  • UVA 343 nm
  • Synchronization to external clock


Wavelenght 1030 nm
Pulse duration 800 fs
Average power 100 W
Pulse energy 500 µJ
Peak power 500 MW
Repetition rate Single shot - 1MHz
Spectral bandwidth <2 nm
Beam quality M2 < 1.4, TEMoo
PER > 23 dB vertical
Amplitude noise < 1.6 % rms