Category: News from our customers and partners

Customers rate NKT Photonics as top supplier

Praising yourself is easy, so instead we asked our customers what they think of us and we are still blushing. 95-99% of our customers would recommend our products to others and the majority rate us as more trustworthy, more responsive and with a better product range compared to other companies in the industry. Read more »

NKT Photonics lights up ‘spooky’ quantum technology project

NKT Photonics has been selected to supply a substantial number Koheras low noise single frequency fiber lasers to the prestigious UK Quantum Technology Hub lead by Kai Bong’s group at University of Birmingham. Selected for its very high frequency stability and low frequency and intensity noise, the Koheras lasers will play a vital role in... Read more »

OCT and autofluorescence with SuperK EXTREME

Using a SuperK EXTREME supercontinuum laser from NKT Photonics, researchers from University of Shanghai for Science and Technology and Florida International University demonstrate simultaneous optical coherence tomography and lipofuscin autofluorescence imaging of the retina. The work can potentially be a tool for clinical diagnosis of age-related macular degeneration. Read their paper her

Spatial shaping of a SuperK supercontinuum laser

In collaboration with NKT Photonics, researchers at DTU Fotonik shapes the output of a SuperK Supercontinuum laser using a GPC Light Shaper. The GPC reroutes and manages the output from the SuperK into speckle-free contiguous spatial light distributions with high efficiency. Moreover, by using a tunable SuperK SELECT filter on the source, the output can... Read more »