Koheras BoostiK OEM - Narrow Linewidth, Low Noise, Single Frequency Fiber Laser


The Koheras Boostik™ Module are narrow linewidth fiber laser systems based on a truly single mode, single frequency DFB (Distributed-Feedback) Fiber Laser with extremely high frequency stability and low phase and intensity noise.

This range of lasers offered as compact modules typically for industrial OEM integration.  It is also designed as a building block for higher power benchtop systems or multi-wavelength systems. It is supplied with Koheras GraphiK™ software for the control and read-out of numerous laser parameters on a pc such as wavelength, output power, and RIN suppression.

Any interferometric use that requires high frequency stability or a long coherence length will benefit from this type of laser technology. The typical applications include seismic sensing such as oil and gas exploration and exploitation, security (perimeter and pipeline detection), and structural health monitoring.  Furthermore, the low intensity noise of the lasers combined with the high spectral stability make them ideal as sources for wind LIDAR systems used for the wind turbine and aerospace industry.

The advantages of Koheras fiber lasers are:

  • Longitudinal single mode & single frequency operation
  • Burst noise and mode-hop free operation
  • Unprecedented low frequency and intensity noise
  • Shut-noise limited solutions
  • Ultra narrow linewidth (Hz range)
  • High free-running wavelength stability (~ 0,1 pm / °C)
  • Linear and mode-hop free thermal tuning (up to 800 pm)
  • Piezo tuning capability (kHz modulation e.g. for frequency locking)
  • Polarisation Maintaining Output
  • All-fiber coupled solutions and limited maintenance 
  • Remote digital control
  • Active RIN suppression
  • Multiplexing capabilities & modularity
  • Low power consumption
  • Very compact and robust design
  Koheras BoostiK OEM module
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