Ultrafast fiber lasers

The NKT Photonics ultrafast fiber lasers offer a wide range of pulse lengths from femtosecond to picosecond and output power up to 40 W. Get variable or fixed repetition rate, single shot or burst mode and optimize for your application. The lasers listed below are our standard models. For more information on OEM solutions, please contact product line manager René Kristiansen or your local sales manager.

Ultrafast laser models

Pulse length Output power Pulse energy Rep rate Variable rep rate Wavelength
aeroPULSE 5/20 ps 10/40 W 0.1-2 nJ 80/20 MHz 1030 nm
Fianium HYLASE 15 ps 8-25 W 20-125 µJ Single shot to 40 MHz including burst mode 1064 / 532 nm
FIanium FemtoPower 200 fs 1-5 W  10-60 nJ 80 MHz 1064 / 532 nm
Fianium High Energy 0.5-5 ps 1-5 W 1-10 µJ Single-shot to 1 MHz 1064 / 532 nm
aeroPULSE high power narrow linewidth picosecond lasers

aeroPULSE is a portfolio of industrial-grade mode-locked fiber lasers based on NKT Photonics world renowned Crystal Fibre platform. Delivering up to 40W of output power,while maintaining a linewidth less than 1 nm, the aeroPULSE line is designed for applications within semiconductor inspection, bioimaging and material processing. Read more »